First things first

What you should know/do before you start coding with our APIs

Whilst we have designed our APIs to make it easier, faster and cheaper for you to build digital health products, we also understand that it might be more helpful to provide you with our recommended step by step process to follow to build a product using our APIs.


Sample Product Telehealth for mothers

A simple telemedicine service for pregnant women. This app will allow these women to talk to a doctor, ask burning questions, order laboratory investigations and also keep track of their wellness.

List of the key features that are required for the MVP: This is a first step in building any product. For our sample product we will highlight a few: user management, chat/audio/video consults, order laboratory investigations, integrate fitness devices and payment.

Identify which APIs you might need: You can refer to the Getting Started page and Glossary to learn more about the APIs, payloads and what you can do with them. If you need help with one of our product specialist, we can book a session with one.
So for this use case, we will be using he following APIs:

  • Patient onboarding
    - Create profile
    - Fetch profile
    - Request access
  • Telehealth
    - Submit answers
    - Queries (ask and get answers)
    - Health tips
    - PneumaScripts - Search for the treatment plan of a consult by it's ID
  • Consults
    - Create Consult requests
    - Send message
    - Join audio/video consults
  • Diagnostics
    - Find laboratories
    - Order Laboratory investigations
    - Get results


Service description

We recommend that you book a session with one of our product specialists to help you get started with our services description. This will help you better understand the APIs and how they work.

Try APIs out via documentation: We always advice that you try out our APIs via our documentation. For each endpoint, click the Try it button to test and understand the response.

Write your code: Gear up for a launch. Build your frontend and connect to our APIs to get running. Let us know what you are building and we will be more than happy to share with the world around us.

  • Write code
  • Test in your sandbox (with your sandbox keys)
  • Push to production
  • Continue to iterate
  • Send us feature requests, we will get back to you on reasonable timelines to get them done