Understanding Telehealth

What can you do with the telehealth API

Our telehealth API enables businesses connect their users to healthcare services.


Consults are simply encounters with providers on the platform. When you connect your user to speak or meet with a provider using our APIs, you have successfully created a consult.

There are two types of consults supported by our APIs:

  • Consults as a Service (CaaS): Our CAAS model allows you to leverage PneumaCare's self-recruited, vetted and trained providers to serve your users. This model relieves you of the rigor of hiring and managing qualified doctors at an early stage and it is most advised for businesses starting out.
  • Bring Your Own Provider (BYOP): This model allows you to onboard your own providers on our software platform so that they can provide care to your customers.


Forms stores a set of questions that are specific to conditions or encounter types. Custom forms can be generated by your PneumaCare product specialist. Use the GET telehealth/forms endpoint to get the list of forms available to you.

Health Tips

Health tips allow you to share medical information with your users and keeping them engaged via push notifications or direct messaging on health tips.


Allow your users to ask a question from a medical doctor and get a response in 5 mins or less. Keep your users in your app, let them get all answers to their medical questions when they ask a doctor.