Requesting access to a user's record

One of the advantages of the PneumaHealth platform is the ability to allow for patient sharing and patient-authorized access to their data.

Our no duplication theory means that we only allow a user account to be created once. This means if a user had created a profile on integration A and now needs to use a platform on integration B, they will not be able to create a new profile with their email rather than that, integration B should request access to the user's data be calling the /request_access endpoint.

How to request access to a user's profile

  1. Verify if the account exist with the /users/verify endpoint
  2. If the response is "message": "A patient with email found", you can now request access using the /patients/request_access endpoint
  3. When you call the endpoint, the user will receive an email with a code
  4. Use the OTP as PATH PARAM when calling the users/approve_request/{code} endpoint