Request laboratory investigation(s)

This endpoint allows you to make an investigation request for a user in any of the laboratories on the platform


This endpoint is authenticated by the public API key


Request Mode

At the moment, we only allow for in-person laboratory requests. An update will include the pick-up mode with a corresponding address field for sample pickup location.



Laboratory investigation orders allows you to add a metadata field to include details about consult and recommending provider.

"metadata" : {"address": "Number 23, My street, Ikeja", \n "phone" : "09099009900" }


Response codes

201: Laboratory request created successfully
400: User not found
400: Balance is not enough to fulfil this request
400: Laboratory does not offer investigation $Id specified
400: Invalid investigations
400: Laboratory does not perform any investigations yet
404: Laboratory/Investigations not found
500: Internal server error

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