Getting Started With PneumaHealth API

Welcome to the PneumaHealth API documentation :owlbert:

Welcome to the PneumaHealth API documentation. We are on a mission to accelerate healthcare access and equity in Africa through a platform that enables healthcare players to deliver Telehealth capabilities at scale.

With our APIs, developers and businesses are able to to build or embed telehealth features and capabilities as well as embedding third party services and data platforms in their applications in a fraction of cost and time it would take them to build it.

We’re excited to have partners like you that are looking to transform healthcare and patient experience in Africa. We hope your experience is impeccable and if you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected].

How do we do this?

We have built a robust healthcare infrastructure that combines telehealth, diagnostics, pharmacy and services such that it can be abstracted over an API layer to serve multiple users at reduced cost. For example, if you are building a telemedicine service like Demo Service, you would need to hire a backend engineer to build you the telehealth core for audio, video and chat whilst you also have to engage pharmacies, laboratories and doctors to be able to serve your patients. This process could take you at least 6 months to get everything set, but we have made it easier for you such that all you ever need is a front end engineer or configure a no-code platform to get started in a few weeks.

We work behind the scenes with service providers to build a robust ecosystem that is connected to power our APIs across different use cases.


PneumaCare API ecosystem

About PneumaHealth

PneumaHealth is a healthcare delivery platform and infrastructure that integrates healthcare data, technology, services and providers to make it easier and faster for healthcare players to launch digital health capabilities and integrates third party services for improved care outcomes and experiences at scale. We are redesigning healthcare to meet patients' care needs through a patient centric, relationship based and technology enabled delivery model that improves care outcomes. Our APIs helps us support developers and businesses to accelerate healthcare access and services to people across regions in Africa.

We are the interoperability, distribution and partnerships layer for healthcare that ensures that you can access the services you need on your products in a few clicks rather than weeks of emails, meetings and document reviews.

Requesting an account

To get started you need to request an account. As soon as an account has been requested, someone from our team will reach out to walk you through an help you get started.

When you are signed up, you will have access to a developers' dashboard that let you manage your account. All requests are authenticated by a developer specific secret token (sandbox or live). These tokens will also be on the developer section of your dashboard. At signup, you will only have access to the sandbox token until your account has been activated by an admin from our team. As soon as we activate your account, you will be granted the live tokens.

🔐 Authorization & Making Requests

The PneumaHealth API is a robust RESTful JSON based suite of APIs authorised by two types of the API keys- Public and Secret keys.

After a successful onboarding, two secret tokens are generated for your integration for live and sandbox modes.

As per RESTful design patterns, the API implements standard HTTP actions: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH. When making requests, arguments can be passed as params, form data or JSON with correct content-type header. All requests are expected to be made over HTTPS.

Base URL:

Get API keys:

You can view your API keys in the API keys and web hooks section of the manage account page on your dashboard.

Only a sandbox key is generated when you sign up. You need to activate your account to get your production key.

💬 We're here to help!

We are always happy to jump on that call, respond to your emails and texts. If you get stuck, shoot us an email or use the discussions section of this page.

We're excited you're here! 💙

Cheers to building something great...