User profile

There are two types of profiles that can be created -basic profile and medical profile. Basic profile allows you to store identity and demographic information about the user while the medical record keep track of the patient medical information and basic history (refer to the glossary for more).

The basic profile is the minimum requirement for creating the profile and the ID generated will be used in every API request made for the user. See the details below.

first_namestringFirst name of the user True
last_namestringLast name of the userTrue
dobstringDate of birth of the user. Required format is dd/MM/yyyyFalse
genderstringGender of the user. Value must be either male or femaleFalse
emailstringEmail address of the userTrue
phonestringPhone number of the userFalse
imagefileImage to the uploadedFalse
addressobjectAddress of the user. Refer to Address in the GlossaryFalse

Medical information are filled and generated on the fly and you can always update the information based using the UPDATE Patient endpoint. The table below shows the information stored in the medical profile of a user. None of these is required and can be left empty.

heightnumberHeight of the user in ft
weightnumberWeight of the user in kg
family_medical_historyarray of objects
allergiesarray of stringsA list of the users allergies
vaccinationsarrayRefer to the vaccinations in the glossary
medicationsarray of stringsList of medications the user is currently on
tranfusion_historyarrayThe list of all transfusions the patient have received in the past
sugeriesarrayThe list of surgeries undergone by the user in the past. Refer to surgeries in the glossary

All data generated about a patient in your integration is made available to via the GET Patient endpoint.